Price Calculation 價格試算


*Fee is calculated per item, regardless of weight or size. The weight limit is 70 pounds (32 kg), and the size limit is no more than 180 cm in perimeter.


*If your accommodation is Airbnb, additional fees will be charged. Please note that Airbnb services are not available in all cities. Please see the booking page for details.



➤➤ VIP PRICE 會員總價

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*Please note that this calculator is intended for price estimation purposes only. The exact prices are subject to those listed on the official website's booking page. If you find any discrepancies, please inform us. LuggAgent reserves the right to adjust service prices at any time. 本計算機提供的為價格預估功能,實際收費將依據官方網站訂購頁面所示的金額為準。倘若您發現任何價格不一致情況,敬請與我們聯繫。行李特工保留隨時調整服務價格的權利。